Swift – Trainers


This page is an introduction to us, how we work and what we all need to do if you would like to continue working with us on Swift courses.

About us

We are Becky Anderson and Andy Crowhurst. We are both First Aid Trainers and co-own Cascade First Aid Ltd. Cascade was set up in 2020, however we have both been training for longer. Cascade is based in South Wales, which is its main focus but can deliver courses Nationally.

In addition, Andy also owns 4 Minutes Training, a National First Aid Training Company, based in Berkshire.

Cascade and Swift

Cascade has just (March 2024) bought Swift from Eddie. We intend to carry on delivering the courses for Swift’s existing clients, as well as seeking out new ones in the Kent area and further afield (some of you are based elsewhere). Eddie has built up a Network of trusted trainers such as yourself. We would like to continue using you for existing and new Swift Clients. in addition, there is also the possibility of you being a trainer for existing and new Cascade and 4 Minutes clients.

Operational changes

These will be fleshed out more but the main changes are:

  • Cascade uses ProTrainings as its Trade Body, not FAIB. You may already be Registered with ProTrainings, but if you are not you will need to Register with them. This process is free and, once registered, a simple email will enable you to be added to Cascade’s Centre.
  • We will need a set of your qualifications for the record.
  • Contracts will be with Cascade, so you will need to invoice Cascade, not Swift. We will obviously need your full Bank Details if you wish to be paid!


If you wish to carry on Freelancing please do email us at info@cascadefirstaid.co.uk to confirm and attach a copy of your Certificates. Let us know if you are already with ProTrainings and, if not, confirm that you will follow the Application here:


Thank you – Becky and Andy